Our international partner network.

In the international arena, Omikron has built a network of strong and established partners, who work closely with us in launching and supporting our products in each market. With profound expertise in its market, each partner plays an essential role in helping to adapt the products to meet local requirements. Where necessary, such partners build additional solutions as required locally.

All partners have long-standing experience in supporting Electronic Banking products and providing the expected level of services and consulting for banks and corporates.

Bulgaria Global Consulting Ltd., Sofia
China Gingko Information Technology Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd
Croatia F.L. Sistem d o.o., Zagreb
Czech Republic, Slovakia Management Data Praha s.r.o., Prague
France Mata-Kemata, Strasbourg
Germany MD Software & Service, Nürnberg
Hungary Omikron Magyarország, Budapest
Ireland Achta Ltd., Dublin & Co. Down
Netherlands WIELTEC treasury services, Wassenaar
Poland Andra Spolka z.o.o., Warsaw
Romania Omikron Solutions SRL, Bukarest
Serbia EBIT, Belgrade

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