MultiCash Communication Day 2018

The future of Electronic Banking with MultiCash.

Our Forum for Corporates

Ongoing changes in technology, a dynamic market environment and new regulatory requirements raise a range of challenges for corporate finance and treasury managers. In most cases, the best approach is to develop and implement a suitable digital banking strategy.

At the MultiCash Communication Day 2018, you hve learnt how to successfully digitalize your business processes and have found out about the new opportunities which will result. Highly qualitied and experienced experts from official associations and corporate groups have provided information about the emerging treasury framework and have shown how innovative solutions can help to digitalize your corporate banking business.

MultiCash Forum for Corporates

This year's focus has been on the following topics :

  • From Electronic Banking to Digital Banking with MultiCash 4.0
  • General conditions and trends for a successful digitalization strategy
  • Effects of PSD2, group privilege and the payment services supervision law (zag)
  • Status report on current regulatory developments
  • Insight into the activities of the new VDT working groups
  • Digitalization of Bank Account Management
  • System support as part of your KYC processes
  • Transparency and efficiency in your banking relationships with the MultiCash "Bank Relationship Management" suite


Birgit Ullrich