Digital Banking with MultiCash 4.x

MultiCash Community Update 2021

Information Event for Corporates (in German language)

Driven by the new challenges of a changed working world, the digitalisation of corporate banking has become the immediate focus of financial managers. This is illustrated by the increased, and often differentiated, requirements concerning:

However, as developments in transaction banking continue to make great strides, we would like to bring you up to date on the most important points, highlight future developments and present possible solutions within the framework of a short online event.

  • Digitisation of administrative banking processes
  • Process automation, system centralisation, standardization
  • Data analytics
  • Cash and Risk Management

Corporates are confronted with changes on multiple fronts at the same time: the technological and regulatory conditions for payments and cash management are changing, compliance requirements are growing and new banking services are being offered. 

In our webinar series this year, which replaces the MultiCash Communication Day in Cologne, we will inform you how these trends are implemented with MultiCash Transfer and which further developments have been initiated in a range of customer projects. Please view this as a warm invitation to join our "MultiCash Community Update - Digital Banking", which is structured as an online event as described below.


    We will continue the webinar series with these topics:

    Part 3:  Date to be announced
    Analytical banking: reporting, evaluations, analyses

    "Data is the raw material of the future" is a well-known saying. So data analysis can be seen as the fuel of the future, while at the same time it provides the basis for automated checks and artificial intelligence (AI). 

    In this webinar, we will present various new features in MultiCash that allow data analysis on different levels and in different forms:

    • Statistics Database - the additional data pool for data analysis. 
    • MultiCash Dashboard, MultiCash Reports, MultiCash BI for visualisation of analyses
    • Best practice examples for bank, account and customer analyses.

    Part 4:  Date to be announced
    Operational Banking: Cash and Risk Management 

    For many years now, the range of cash and risk management options in MultiCash have been helped to add value to the daily operations of small and medium-sized enterprises, not least in comparison to the use of Office tools.

    In this webinar, we will provide an overview of established modules and new options for cash and risk management. In addition, we take a look at MultiCash version 4.1, which will go into customer roll-out from 2022:

    • Cash Manager:
      Cash Forecast, Planning Data, Disposition, Target Balancing, Interest Rate Analyses.
    • Credit Management:
      Consideration of cash flows from loan annuities and commitment interest, 
    • Guarantee and guarantee management
    • Import Letters of Credit and Export Letters of Credit
    • Risk management :
      Presentation of the FX management tool and connection to FX trading platforms 
    • Outlook on MultiCash Transfer Version 4.1x

    We hope that you can join us and look forward to meeting you online.


    Part 1:  Took place on 23.09.2021
    Administrative Banking: eBAM, KYC, BSB, Sanctions Screening, Denied Parties

    The topics of "electronic Bank Account Management (eBAM)", "Know Your Customer (KYC)" and Bank Service Billing (BSB) are a major "pain point" for many corporates, which has become even clearer due to the current shift towards home office working. Since 2019, the MultiCash eBAM/KYC working group has been actively helped to enhance MultiCash product solutions and lobbied to raise awareness of the topics in the banking community.

    In this webinar, we will present other MultiCash applications for "Administrative Banking" in addition to our solutions for "eBAM" and "KYC":

    • eBAM - Repository, Process Management and Bank Transfer.
    • KYC - deposit of relevant KYC data and data exchange with banks
    • Bank Service Billing - automated verification of bank service charge settlements
    • Sanctions Screening and Denied Party Checks, Fraud Prevention via Whitelist


    Part 2:  Took place on 28.10.2021
    Operational Banking: Payments and Channels

    Even before the pandemic, the optimisation of payment processes in terms of automation, centralisation and standardisation was high on the to-do list of many corporates. In this webinar, we would like to introduce you to the basic principle of the MultiCash Transfer Payment Factory, explain how it can be accessed from mobile devices and discuss the latest developments:

    • International Payment Hub: What to look out for when centralising EB systems. Field report from Omikron project management
    • EBICS 3.0: Background, details and upgrade scenarios for the latest EBICS version 3.0
    • XML payments based on ISO 20022 - one format with many variants: background information and solutions
    • Request2Pay (RTP): Presentation of a new payment option