Webinar - Compliance in Payments

Set up audit-proof Compliance Management.

Compliance in payments is a matter for the boss – sanctions screening in the MultiCash Payment Factory

Webinar in German language

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Ensuring audit-proof compliance has become a key part of today’s corporate world. It is essential to make sure that economic and legal restrictions are not breached, so this must be reliably monitored within the corporate workflow. As the security requirements for payments are growing constantly, most companies depend on extremely secure applications for their payment transactions.

Ensuring compliance in payments involves taking sanctions or embargo lists into account. By integrating "Denied Party Checks" into the MultiCash Payment Factory, suspicious transactions can be identified and filtered before being sent to the bank. Solutions such as this give the "boss" the assurance that all necessary measures have been taken to prevent payments to persons on the sanctioned list. This is in turn important for the external reputation of the corporate.

In this webinar, experts from KPMG, the auditing and consulting specialists have illustrated the fundamental demands made of corporate management. Omikron has presented a new system solution for sanctions screening payments in the MultiCash Payment Factory.

Our guest speaker from KPMG :

  • Carsten Jäkel, Partner Finance & Treasury Management KPMG

Our speakers :

  • Gregor Opgen-Rhein, Senior Sales Consultant
  • Tobias Wagner, Projektmanager MultiCash

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Birgit Ullrich

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