Payment StrATegy Forum Vienna

The future of electronic banking with MultiCash.

Electronic Banking meeting for banks

MultiCash banks and interested parties gathered together to share their experiences (German language)

The electronic payments business is currently undergoing radical changes. The European banks are facing massive challenges. With the introduction of instant payments and PSD2, the framework for further development in electronic banking is set in place. Detecting and exhausting optimisation potentials early is the way to move forward.

The new generation of the MultiCash e-banking client is currently establishing itself in the European market. We have introduced innovate modules and functions, as well as keept you informed on their roll-out. Furthermore, we offered an outlook into how banks can benefit from the implementation of the new Omikron Communication Platform.

We look back to interesting sessions and fruitful discussions. Many thanks to all participants for this successful event.

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Birgit Ullrich

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