Payment StrATegy Forum Vienna 2018

The future of electronic banking with MultiCash.

The Electronic Banking Event for Austrian Banks (German language)

Changes in the electronic payments business are picking up pace. The first banks are now offering real-time payment services, the new payments guidelines (PSD2) came into effect at the beginning of this year and compliance with the related ”Regulatory Technical Standards“ (RTS) in mandatory by September 2019. Against this backdrop, customers are expecting their banks to offer innovative solutions for electronic banking. Both personal and corporate customers want to benefit from the options made possible by new technologies, without compromising the high levels of security. All banks must ask themselves how to build a successful strategy to handle PSD2, Instant Payments and the rapid digitization of payment services.

Payment StrATegy Forum Vienna 2018

At our Strategy Forum, Omikron will provide an update on the latest status for these areas and show examples of developments which are under way. It is a great opportunity to meet and discuss with top-class specialists, other bankers and Omikron experts. We hope that this will bring you one step further towards meeting the demands of digitization and delivering exciting solutions for your customers.

The Strategy Forum 2018 will focus on the following topics:

  • Instant Payments and Real-Time-Processing
  • PSD2: implementing the account interface and other developments
  • Corporate E-Banking of the future with the Omikron Communication Platform


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