Strategy Forum Transaction Banking 2019

The future of electronic banking with MultiCash.

The Electronic Banking Event for Banks

In today’s digital environment, challenges to a bank’s transaction banking portfolio are coming from all sides. New players are shaking up the market with innovative products, customer expectations are changing and the regulators are constantly making new demands for compliance. But these challenges present an opportunity, too. With a comprehensive digitalization strategy, banks can build an attractive proposition which exploits the latest technologies and the dynamic banking environment. Managed in the right way, this approach will allow banks to stand out from the competition and become a central touchpoint for their customers.

These wide-ranging opportunities offered by digitalization in payments business are at the heart of Omikron’s Strategy Forum Transaction Banking 2019. It’s a chance to take the advice of highly qualified and experienced speakers from the banking and corporate world as well as official institutions. Alongside that, the forum presents a valued opportunity for participants to swap experiences with specialists and executives from other top European banks.

Strategy Forum Transaction Banking 2019

The Strategy Forum will focus on the following topics:

•    Latest developments in European payments
•    Transaction Banking in transition
•    The new MultiCash Communication Platform - Presentation of Corporate Digital Banking of the Future
•    The challenges of Cybercrime
•    Security features of the MultiCash Framework
•    Electronic Bank Account Management in practice – case study
•    From Electronic Banking to Digital Banking with MultiCash 4.0

We invite you to join us in Cologne on the 7th March 2019 to discuss these and other topics, to analyse solution approaches and to identify successful strategies for your transaction banking. Simply register via the link below for this free event.

Location : Lindner Hotel City Plaza Köln, Magnusstraße 20, 50672 Cologne

We are looking forward to meeting you.


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