14th DACT Treasury Fair

Together with our expert from AUGUST STORCK KG we described how Bank Service Billing and Bank Account Management can be incorporated into an international Payment Factory. We presented effective strategies and practical solutions. We look back to an interesting session and fruitful discussions. You missed the presentations? Contact us for further information.

Together with our customer AUGUST STORCK KG we have hosted on Friday 11.11.2016  the following workshop :

New digital bank services, are you ready? How CGI-MP & EBICS challenge the status quo!

The organization CGI-MP (Common Global Implementation – Market Practice) is defining new global standards for payments, direct debits, reporting, bank account management and bank service billing. EBICS, a free of charge communication protocol, seems to have become a new global standard alongside SWIFT. International transaction banks already support these new standards, but not all treasurers are aware of this.
In this workshop you have learned more about CGI-MP and EBICS, the new digital bank services and how to benefit from them. If the goal of the CGI-MP is realized, a corporate can use the same message structure for all payments with all transaction banks and any payment system across the globe. This can result in a subsequent reduction in banking-related fees provided that the corporate treasurer has the right tools to maximize this potential benefit of new digital bank services.

The following questions have been answered :

  • What is the status of the CGI-MP and EBICS?
  • How can I estimate my potential benefit?
  • How can I realize these benefits?

Gregor Opgen-Rhein has presented the background and goals of these 5 working groups and the new EBICS communication standard. Werner Brinkkötter, member of the CGI-MP, is actively involved in the ‘bank service billing’ working group and has presented how August Storck has realized significant benefits by implementing CGI and EBICS globally.

Time : Friday 11.11.2016 from 15:15-16:00

Language : English

Speakers :
Gregor Opgen-Rhein-Key, Account Manager Omikron
Werner Brinkkötter, Head of Accounting, AUGUST STORCK KG

Philip Wielenga - Director WIELTEC

Location of the conference :
10. - 11. November 2016, Hotels van Oranje, Noordwijk (NL)