33nd Alpbacher Finance Symposium 2019

Managing the corporate’s accounts is one of the most important tasks for any treasury department. Innovative solutions for Compliance, Know your Customer, Electronic Bank Account Management and Bank Service Billing mean that labour-intensive tasks can now give way to automated and standardized workflows. This can also be the starting point for launching a digital Account Lifecycle Management system, which increases transparency in the processes for opening and closing accounts as well as changing mandates. This provides CFOs and treasurers with more flexibility and leverage.

Find out more about this topic at Omikron’s booth and at our workshop on the subject: Digital Banking at AUGUST STORCK KG

Alpbacher Finance Symposium is a forum which has run successfully for many years, bringing together professionals from business, politics and banking in Austria.

The symposium selects one main theme with a European focus and organizes specialist workshops on key issues impacting financial business.

Main Topic 2019:
Sharp Adjustment of Performance Management for new Business Strategies

Omikron was hosting the following workshop session :

"Digital Banking 4.0 at AUGUST STORCK KG – Account-Lifecycle Management with KYC, eBAM and BSB"

Thursday 10.10.2019, 14:30 – 15:30

Guest speaker :
Werner Brinkkötter, former Head of Accounting at AUGUST STORCK KG

Objective :
Reduce the overhead of routine tasks, providing accounting and treasury managers with more time to dedicate to their prime duties.

Content :
As digitization progresses, the roles of CFO, Head of Accounting and Treasurer are changing dramatically. In this workshop, you will learn more about systems which are geared to automate day-to-day business and meet compliance requirements.

Case study :
Implementation of a central, international MultiCash Payment Factory including KYC, eBAM (Electronic Bank Account Management), Sanction Screening and Bank Service Billing (BSB) processes for administrative banking. The introduction of new MultiCash modules for bank relationship management has allowed the corporate to integrate new digital services and optimize its internal workflows.

At our booth we have answered your questions about Digital Banking, Account Lifecycle Management and payment factories.

Location :
Congress Centrum Alpbach, A-6236 Alpbach 246

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