34th Finance Symposium 10. - 12. May 2023

The current drive towards harmonisation in European payments is showing first results and opening new options for many areas in Electronic Banking. Together with the modernized communication standard EBICS 3.0, the XML formats of the latest ISO generation enable corporates to make significant progress in standardisation, real-time processing and unification of banking workflows. A e-banking application which supports multibanking alongside of country- and bank-specific features enables an international payment hub for Europe-wide payments to be established.

Fraud protection, sanctions screening, denied party checks, embargoes and AML: compliance with to regulatory and internal audit requirements is a demanding task for corporates. The best foundation for meeting these requirements is a solution which enables these tasks to be handled digitally and which can be flexibly adapted to new regulations. The key to such a solution is the smooth integration into the corporate's process organisation and payment workflows.

The solutions and tools for the new, digital working models such as Instant Payments, E-BAM, KYC, Bank Service Billing and Business Intelligence are ready. These allow business processes to be standardised and automated even up to the point of real-time transaction flows. This resulting advances mean that the current requirements in corporate banking can be well and securely met.

We are contributing the following workshops:

DKV Mobility: Digital Treasury 4.0 with E-BAM, Bank Fee Management and Sanctions Screening

  • International Payment Hub with EBICS, MCFT, H2H - and API ?!
  • Integrated Sanction Screening for incoming and outgoing payments
  • E-BAM and Bank Service Billing in practice
  • Lessons Learned and Outlook

Bestem Özgün, DKV Mobility, Expert Treasury
Gregor Opgen-Rhein, Omikron e-banking solutions, Senior Sales Consultant

Wednesday 10.05.2023 13:00 – 13:45

E.ON SE: E-BAM and KYC - How a marriage of convenience could turn into a love match

  • E-BAM and KYC requirements at a glance
  • Goodbye to paper - dry out "wet-ink signature": E-BAM processes in "happy flow"
  • EBICS, SWIFT, API - pros and cons from a corporate perspective with a multi-banking approach
  • Lessons Learned and Outlook

Normen Klein, E.ON SE, Financial Settlements & Operations
Tobias Wagner, Omikron e-banking solutions, Project Manager

Wednesday 10.05.2023 14:15 – 15:00

Current trends in payments and consequences for corporates

  • Fraud protection through a holistic security concept
  • EBICS 3.0 - Overview of changes and challenges in the international context
  • Instant Payments and new ISO 20022 generation for payments and account information
  • Analysis and visualisation of group-wide payment flows with the help of Business Intelligence

Thomas Zimmermann, Omikron e-banking solutions, Geschäftsführer
Gregor Opgen-Rhein, Omikron e-banking solutions, Senior Sales Consultant

Wednesday 10.05.2023 15:30 – 16:15

Take the opportunity to exchange ideas with us in our workshops or discuss your upgrade to the digital future at our booth no. 52. You are welcome to arrange a meeting at expertendialog@omikron.de in advance.

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