Bankers discuss new challenges and opportunities at Omikron’s Strategy Forum for Payments

Omikron’s Strategy Forum 2016 confirms its status as a focal point for discussion on banking business

Strategieforum Zahlungsverkehr of Omikron

“With the right strategy, banks are ideally suited to cope successfully with the challenges posed by competition from FinTechs“, concluded Melanie Zimmermann, an Omikron project manager. Melanie had previously summarized the strengths of the FinTechs and outlined in which areas they are competing for traditional banking services. She went on to show how banks can successfully survive and even build their Transaction Banking business despite the emergence of the FinTechs.

Over 100 bankers had followed Omikron’s invitation to the Cologne event. The analysis of the Fintech landscape was among a number of hot topics on the agenda. Once again the Strategy Forum for Payments brought together experienced specialists from across Germany, Austria and Switzerland to exchange their views on current trends and challenges.

Andrea Kemetmüller, Partner at Schwabe, Ley & Greiner, provided tangible examples of the main subjects on which corporates expect support and cooperation from their banks. Ms Kertmüller drew on experiences made from a range of payment projects in which she and her colleagues had been actively involved. Sebastian Schäfer complemented this by providing Omikron’s view of innovative approaches which can equip banks for future success in the corporate payments world.

Taking security as his starting point, Raimund Alexander from TÜV Saarland group described how this is increasingly impacting the payments world before outlining the rigorous verification process used to certify the security architecture of the latest MultiCash e-banking software. The main drivers behind innovations in Internet Banking were summarized by Omikron’s Andreas Lindenbach, who also showcased Omikron’s latest developments including a new Mobile App for smartphones and authentication based on QR code signature. Helmut Knester followed this with a view of the flexibility and rich functionality of Omikron’s upcoming new bank server generation.  

Finally, Omikron’s Markus Linden and Tobias Wagner demonstrated smart functions of the new MultiCash generation in a live presentation.

The strategy forum was rounded off by a get-together with special snacks from Cologne, providing a relaxed atmosphere for further discussions to continue about the topics of the presentations.