Bank-Verlag officially approves MultiCash 4.0

Following an extensive validation process, Omikron’s payment solution is successfully accepted

Bank-Verlag GmbH has officially accepted the new MultiCash Generation for use in production. This follows several months of validation and quality control on behalf of German private banks. Measures included rigorous testing of the broad range of functions as well as evaluation of various use cases, based on the size of the corporate, the functional requirements and the IT infrastructure. Bank-Verlag, an established provider of IT, Electronic Banking and Cashless Payments services, counts over 1500 banks as its members.

Regardless of this official acceptance process, banks and banking groups across Europe have been delivering MultiCash 4.x to their corporate customers for over a year already. Among the active parties are Germany’s Deutsche Bank AG and the German Cooperative Banks, whose activities are coordinated by the DZ BANK.
Innovative features in the new e-banking generation include the modern user interface, the underlying international design and the range of externally certified security enhancements. As a result, MultiCash 4.0 is an ideal, future-proof application geared to meet the expectations of even the most demanding corporate for international payments. Banks who have launched the product consistently report positive feedback from customers who value how easy it is to manage daily business, even if a wide range of functions is used.
One of the most striking features of MultiCash 4.0 is its modern look-and-feel. Users find it easy to navigate through the various functions, following their day-to-day workflows intuitively. First-time users take to the software quickly and are soon familiar with all necessary functions. New wizards and automated functions are appreciated by more experienced users.

The rich payment functionality, with global reach, is another key feature of the new MultiCash Generation. As all key international and local formats are supported, corporates are able to use one central application to handle all payments and collections. Payments in global CGI format are supported alongside European SEPA payments. New modules delivered for the MultiCash 4.x platform include Bank Account Management, Banking Services Billing and Payment Status Reports.

The certified security architecture ensures that data is encrypted at all times, not only within MultiCash, but when imported/exported to internal systems or transferred to the bank. Because the application and data are completely segregated, users have no access to files or databases, effectively eliminating risk of manipulation or external fraud. A streamlined usability concept provides each user with the exact range of options he/she needs for everyday work. The TÜV Seal, which certifies the secure administration of data and a comprehensive audit trail confirms the high security standard in MultiCash 4.0.