KT Bank AG counts on the Omikron Communication Platform for EBICS communication

KT Bank AG has opted for the Omikron Communication Platform to provide its customers the benefits of working with EBICS, the state-of-the-art communication standard.

Currently used by over 200 banks worldwide, Omikron’s server platform was selected for its combination of high security standards, low implementation efforts and the capability to serve a fast-growing customer base.

KT Bank AG is the first bank in Germany and in the entire eurozone to support bank transactions and provide financial products according to Islamic banking principles. On 1st  July 2015, KT Bank AG started supporting payments. Under the slogan “Islamic. Sensible. Act.“ the bank currently operates subsidiaries in Berlin, Frankfurt and Mannheim. The branch network is being extended gradually.

The Omikron Communication Platform is a multichannel bank server, allowing all state-of-the-art access channels such as MCFT, SWIFT and Online Banking to be operated in parallel and administered in one system, alongside EBICS. This makes it possible for banks to deliver wide-ranging e-banking services to all national and international customer segments. Special mobile banking functions enable customers to access transactions and payment orders with all smartphones and tablets, regardless of their location and to sign them digitally. The open architecture allows the platform to be integrated easily with any Host or Back Office system.