Online Banking with a fresh "Look & Feel"

A new face for the world – a new generation of layouts brightens up Omikron’s Internet and Mobile Banking

With a view to enhanced usability, Omikron has launched a modernized layout design for its Internet and Mobile Banking solutions. For maximum performance and mobility, the new Internet Banking remains HTML-based, and is automatically adapted to the display size of the devices used (desktop PC, tablet, smartphone…). The new mobile banking design is also based on HTML, ensuring that it is directly available for all devices used by bank customers, independent of the mobile operating system. The set of mobile functions is tailored specifically to the requirements of corporate users to access up-to-date information on cash positions and authorize transactions anytime, anywhere. The enhancement with additional features is easily possible.

The new solution is the result of extensive work from a dedicated task force, in which Omikron’s web designers works closely with qualified external specialists. The aim is to ensure that Omikron’s products are constantly upgraded to ensure technological developments are reflected in improved usability.

Particular attention was paid to ensuring that the user can navigate easily between functions and complete each task intuitively. Hints, messages and alerts make it easier to work efficiently with the system and avoid mistakes.

On completion, a specialist company was commissioned with making an extensive audit of the application, with a specific view to usability. This review, conducted by the company UID User Interface Design, confirmed the success of Omikron’s approach: the application was found to be "transparent, well-structured and especially user-friendly".

The updated solutions have also proven themselves on the market. Just three months after launch, the new "face" of Omikron’s Internet and Mobile Banking has already been launched by five banks in three countries. Clients have been enthusiastic about the improved usability and the ease with which they can switch between mobile and desktop access, as and when they want.

The successful re-launch of Omikron’s new layout design demonstrates once again how important Omikron views its commitment to constantly optimising and updating solutions delivered to its partners and customers.