SmartOffice Mobile App – Banking business at any time and from anywhere

SmartOffice Mobile is the latest innovative addition to Omikron’s Internet Banking range. The new Smartphone app delivers direct added value to all parties. Corporate clients can now make decisions and conduct their banking business at any time, from anywhere using their mobile device. Banks benefit from a solution that can be quickly and seamlessly integrated with Omikron’s highly secure omni-channel communication platform.

Modern and highly flexible, our mobile app ensures that banks will meet the needs of corporate clients with different tastes, experiences and preferences. As an extension to the Internet Banking solution MultiCash@SmartOffice SmartOffice Mobile is directly available for all Android and iOS-based devices. Using the familiar download procedure, users install the app from Google Play or Apple Store and can easily make an update whenever technological improvements or new banking functions become available.

Due to the strong focus on transparency, end users of SmartOffice Mobile are able to recognize and work with all functions familiar from the Internet Banking application directly. Users checking of accounts, for instance, can move intuitively from a report of the overall cash position to specific statements or individual transactions. Alongside standard reports, powerful filters allow users to create customized views or quickly find specific items.

Managing cash flow has also never been easier. Decision makers receive active alerts on critical events such as payments pending signature or rejected transactions. Managers responsible for authorization can consult at a glance a clear and concise list of all payment files requiring their attention. They can then sign-off one or more files, if necessary checking the full details first. If there is a need to set up an occasional payment, this can be done on the fly. Because all recurring details such as beneficiary/counterparty, currencies, countries are held in central reference tables, it take just seconds to enter a payment, and the potential for error is kept to a minimum. In line with Omikron’s strong geographical footprint, the solution includes domestic and cross-border payment services for multiple countries, alongside multiple languages.
In addition, the SmartOffice Mobile App aims to bring the client closer to the bank. Customized location services allow a user to search for the nearest ATM or call up an overview of nearby branch locations at any time. A list of relevant bank contacts allows the customer to find and connect to the right person whenever needed. It is a major advantage that the underlying design enables such changes to be made and distributed quickly and easily.

Even before launch, news of the new app was warmly welcomed by Omikron’s banks. “Omikron enjoys a close relationship with our international user community,” says Jahn Schlosser, responsible product manager at Omikron. “We have taken on board their wishes and requirements and have managed to combine usability and rich functionality with a high level of security. That’s why we are confident that we have the right solution for the future.”