The new standard for Electronic Banking

Innovative usability, strong security standards and support for new global payment options – Omikron presents the new MultiCash Generation

With the new generation of Omikron’s MultiCash, the next chapter for electronic payments business can begin. Characteristic for this e-banking software is the intuitive user interface, which can be adapted to the individual needs of each user. Despite the rich range of functions, the user has a clear, easy-to-use set of screens at all times. This is because at each point only functions relevant for the task in hand are displayed. The application guides the user automatically through all steps in the workflow, so that both first-time users and old hands will immediately find their way. The new flexible design also allows MultiCash to be tailored in other ways to the needs of each user. Directly on starting the system, for instance, a new graphically supported dashboard presents the user with an individualized summary report on the corporate finances, including a liquidity forecast. On screen reports, shortcuts and quick access to frequently used functions can also be freely configured.

To ensure the highest possible level of security, all data in MultiCash are fully encrypted, both internally as well as when transferred to or from external systems. Because the application is fully separated from the data, it is not necessary to assign users access rights on file and database level. At the same time, the application can be installed easily in any kind of system environment. Integrated and automated support tools ensure that the user receives the assistance needed directly in each specific case. If it is necessary to exchange details with a helpdesk, the whole process is encrypted. A finely granular authorization structure ensures that each user has access to the exact information and options required for his/her daily tasks. This feature also contributes to the prevention of manipulation attempts from outside and inside the corporate. A number of additional options have been incorporated to ensure compliance with the latest regulatory requirements.

With the new MultiCash version, Omikron also sets a benchmark for readiness with global standardisation in e-banking formats and workflows. As a member of the initiative “Common Global Implementation – Market Practice” (CGI-MP), Omikron cooperates closely with banks and corporates to promote the CGI format for global, cross-currency payments. Results of the CGI-MP working groups are directly translated into practical solutions within MultiCash. Examples built directly on results of this new initiative include new modules for Payment Status Reports (PSR) and Bank Relationship Management (BRM).

“Our strong global user community, estimated at over 100,000 installations, and our close cooperation with banks, corporates and associations mean that we are ideally placed to adapt MultiCash to changing market requirements and user needs“, says Thomas Zimmermann, Managing Director of Omikron. “With the innovations in the new MultiCash generation we are once again setting the market standards for corporate Electronic Banking“.