Deutsche Post DHL decides on MultiCash Transfer for its global Payment Factory

Deutsche Post DHL is one of the leading corporate groups in the global postal / logistics sector, with activities in more than 220 countries and regions. In terms of daily payment operations, this means managing a large number of bank connections and a variety of payment formats. For this reason, Deutsche Post DHL started to explore how to extend its Payment Factory. Specifically, the requirement was to find a solution that would provide an automated processing of various national and international payments, while at the same time considering and supporting important new initiatives such as SEPA-XML, EBICS and Global-XML (CGI). Additionally, in view of the impending transition of the European payments market to SEPA, Deutsche Post DHL was looking for a system that was capable of integrating the many different ERP systems, the In-Housebank and the Payment Factory components into one cohesive solution. The goal was to harmonize all workflows and result in a standard set of processing procedures for the whole corporate group.

After an extensive, multiple stage selection procedure, Deutsche Post DHL decided on Omikron’s MultiCash Transfer Payment Factory. This solution not only fulfils all requirements in terms of internationality and openness for new developments and procedures, but also benefits from Omikron’s almost three decades of experience in international payments. Another decisive factor was the system design, supporting the greatest possible flexibility, technically as well as in its range of functions.

MultiCash Transfer Payment Factory enabled the Deutsche Post DHL group to realign its payments processing to meet the defined objectives. Significant cost-savings have already been achieved by unifying ERP and bank connections, concentrating all interfaces to a Deutsche Post DHL datacenter, connecting non-SAP systems to SAP In-Housecash (In-Housebank) and reducing the number of servers and platforms for bank communication. The final phase, now complete, ensures that all ERP systems deliver standardized payment files to the In-Housebank via MultiCash Transfer. The In-Housebank creates files in the formats expected by the external banks and submits these to the banks via MultiCash Transfer.

The MultiCash Transfer Payment Factory solution was set up by a joint project team of experts from Deutsche Post DHL and Omikron. In a first phase, connections were built to the ERP systems, the SAP In-Housebank and the other banks. SWIFT was used to access international banks, while the EBICS standard was used for mass payments and invoicing services managed by German banks. The "train the trainer" concept and the user-friendly software ensured that the users were ready to operate the system within a very short period of time.

In the second phase, other European booking systems were integrated. These non-SAP systems transfer their payment data by means of a pre-defined flat file (CSV) to MultiCash Transfer, which acts as middleware to the SAP In-Housebank. The In-Housebank then creates the payment format required for further processing: SEPA XML. Finally, a MultiCash payments module for processing SAP In-Housecash payments in IDOC format was implemented, and a workflow for global XML payment order files was successfully established.

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