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Payment Factory

International corporates with working in various countries are confronted with a mixed payments landscape. Payment systems are still largely country-specific, each with its own clearing house and independent formats. Often this means that a number of different e-banking systems are needed to handle the payments, which is cumbersome and inefficient.

As a result, corporates are looking for solutions which will streamline the corporate’s e-banking business for these different markets, using a direct link to the accounting system. One objective in many cases : a single, standardized internal format should be used to generate the many international payment formats required by the banks in the various countries of activity.

Omikron Payment Factory : Automation in payment mechanisms
The Payment Factory automates the interface between banks and corporates.

With Omikron’s Payment Factory solutions based on MultiCash Transfer, corporates are provided with a capability for handling payments directly from their accounting systems, eliminating unnecessary manual steps, and saving time due to the automated processes. International bank connections can  managed from one system.

Corporates no longer need to build the payments formats themselves or work with stand-alone payments products. For the generation of the required international formats, the relevant format subsystems are integrated into the automated workflow.

From classic E-Banking to the International Payment Factory

We support your way from classic E-Banking to the International Payment Factory. Take advantage of the new possibilities.

From classic E-Banking to the International Payment Factory



Features and options

  • Automated payments
  • Low-cost handling of cross-border payments
  • Management of international accounts
  • Reduction of interfaces by means of centralization and one central database
  • Connection to all group banks using some or all of the many communication options
  • Corporate – Bank communication compliant with the highest security standards
  • Capability to support multiple corporate entities, with transparent data segregation
  • Enhanced flexibility when used in conjunction with the converter family UBIQCash®
  • Optional integration of manual payments handling for a range of national, European and international formats
  • User interface available in 16 languages, used in combination if required
  • Installable both as Windows and Web application