MultiCash Communication Platform

For banks and banking groups who are searching a universal, scalable and high performance platform, supporting multiple customer channels, the MultiCash Communication Platform is the right choice. The Communication Platform includes optional modules for all relevant channels (secure file-based standards, e.g. EBICS, MCFT, Internet and Mobile) and covers the entire range of national and international e-banking services for all customer segments.

Communication Platform : Server room with bank server
The modular and scalable Communication Platform operates all E-Banking customer channels of the bank

The modular design ensures that the exact scope of the platform can be tailored to the needs of each bank, and extended by additional functionality or integration options as and when needed. The use of open standards ensures that a smooth interaction not only with Omikron’s widespread MultiCash® solutions but other popular client applications as well.

The system architecture allows the platform to be integrated smoothly ion with all kinds of back office systems. Additionally, the system can be configured to support large numbers of customers/user and high-volume data flows. In an advanced form, the product can be integrated closely to back office processes, e.g. to offer the customers a direct online access to their current account data – both for "classic" Electronic Banking applications and Internet Banking.  

The MultiCash Communication Platform includes support for a comprehensive range of business types (payments, reporting, foreign trade etc.), and can be easily extended to support additional transaction types at any time. In addition, the platform is designed to be operated in a central service centre to support multiple banking units, including full data segregation. An optional web interface allows administrators and support staff to conduct their activities from multiple locations.

Product features

  • Modular and scalable e-banking standard software
  • Comprehensive e-banking platform for all national and international customer segments
  • Parallel deployment of all popular communication standards (EBICS, MCFT etc.)
  • Modern internet and mobile banking channels available
  • Compatible with standard SQL database systems
  • Realtime and batch-based connections to back office systems
  • Highest security standards for customer-bank communication