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E-banking used in national and international contexts.

Communication processes

A core element of Omikron’s e-banking solutions is the integration of many communication processes and the ability to operate multiple connections in parallel. The MultiCash Communication Platform is designed as a omnichannel platform for bank-corporate business with options for Electronic Banking, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. Support for all widespread communication standards mean that the platform is open to communication with all customer applications recognizing those standards. Options include the EBICS communication standard (with versions for Germany, France and Switzerland) and Omikron’s own internationally recognized MCFT channel. The options for Internet Banking and Mobile Banking are particularly flexible and easily adapted to each bank’s specific requirements in terms of design and functionality.

Communication options within the Omikron solutions:

  • MCFT
    International standard process for secure communication (including encryption, compression, format validation and Electronic Signature)
    Method certified as by bank associations for the secure corporate-bank communication via internet (including encryption, compression and Electronic signature) for Germany, France and Switzerland
  • MultiCash@SmartOffice
    Internet and mobile banking channel supporting rich corporate functionality