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E-banking used in national and international contexts.


A frequent requirement of corporates is it should be possible for authorized staff to sign files which have been uploaded to the bank from the MultiCash® Electronic Banking package, or possibly other third-party systems, using browser or mobile technology. This means that staff located in separate locations, or on business trips, are able to make the necessary authorizations.

MultiCash@Sign® provides the full range of functionality needed by an authorized user to sign payment files. A number of options are available for authorization, with different levels of user comfort and security. Overview and detailed reports on the payment files allow the contents to be checked as needed. Additional options are available for uploading third-party payment files, viewing balance and transaction information, real-time balance reporting and for working with mobile devices.

One special feature of MultiCash@Sign is that no software has to be installed on the customer side. Only in the case of RSA-based signatures does the customer need a plug-in for the browser and (optionally) the drivers for a ChipCard device.

MultiCash@Sign is part of an integrated strategy for internet products. The product is often used in combination with MultiCash (under Windows), which is used for transmitting files with the first signature. MultiCash@Sign is the ideal solution for the submission of additional signatures, e.g. from a central authorization point within the corporate group. At the same time, the functions can be extended to include some or all of the options from Omikron`s internet banking package MultiCash@SmartOffice®

Product features

  • Immediate added-value for remote authorization, and at the same time a potential first step towards a rich suite of internet banking services
  • Authorization of payment files received from multiple delivery channels
  • Full overview of the corporate’s pending payments for the user
  • Full overview for each user of payments awaiting his/her signature
  • Optional file upload for payment files – in variants for use in the bank and/or by the customer