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E-banking used in national and international contexts.

Payment formats

Payment settlement in the national and international arena is characterized by a large number of payment formats.

Despite the current drive towards harmonization, notably the SEPA and CGI initiatives, a range of national or international payment formats remain in place.

Omikron’s add-on modules for payments include support for national formats in the following countries :

Module Country Module Country
AL Albania HR Croatia
AT Austria HU Hungary
BA Bosnia-Herzegovina IT Italy
BG Bulgaria KZ Kazakhstan
CH Switzerland LU Luxembourg
CN China NL Netherlands
CS Serbia PL Poland
CZ Czech Republic RO Romania
DE Germany RU Russia
ES Spain SL Slovenia
FR France SK Slovakia
GB United Kingdom UZ Uzbekistan

The most widespread formats used for international payments are MT100/MT103, MT101 (RFT - Request for Transfer) and MT104 (IDD - International Direct Debits); naturally Omikron has modules compliant with these formats.

A single design concept is used for all payment modules. A standardized range of functions and user handling is provided. By default, all session types used in the given payment system are supported, e.g. credit transfers, direct debits, urgent transfers.

Features and options

  • Available for MultiCash/MultiCash Transfer product lines
  • Compliance with national and international requirements
  • Constantly maintained in alignment with regulatory changes
  • Integration of bank-specific additional requirements