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In line with the increasingly international nature of business activity, the role of cross-border payments is becoming more important. As a result, corporates are increasingly confronted with different payment formats. Both banks and corporates are looking for solutions which will reduce the workload for creating and maintaining multiple formats, as well as providing a high level of automation. As universal tool for the analysis and conversion of payments and account information, UBIQCash® from Omikron is excellently applicable for these tasks.

UBIQCash processes payment and account data, where there is a need for generating target formats which differ from the originally supplied format(s). In many cases, UbiqCash is used in conjunction with accounting packages and payment systems, which provide standardized input formats. In addition UBIQCash can be used as generic format switcher (a large range of input and output formats is available). As part of the MultiCash product family this solution enables in this process access to a large number of payment formats. Strong interfacing towards the in-house packages, and towards the banks using automated, secure communications can be easily combined to form one seamless and robust implementation. Together with MultiCash Transfer, UBIQCash can assume within the framework of a Payment Factory the output of all payment formats required by the user. This allows a powerful Payment Factory, which can be built up using numerous additional modules according to the specific requirements of the corporate.

Product features

  • Automated generation of payment files
  • Automatic allocation of appropriate payment types to the individual transactions at file creation
  • Extensive portfolio of payment formats available
  • Design of format conversions to meet customer requirements is easily possible
  • As solution for the format conversion also ideally applicable for the BackOffice of banks