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Payment processing with the German Central Bank

MultiCash Transfer® is Omikron’s proven solution for banks and other authorized parties who require an automated communication interface between their internal core banking or ERP systems and the Deutsche Bundesbank for settling payments.

Using MultiCash Transfer, payment files and messages are received from the Bundesbank and immediately passed on to the client’s accounting package and / or Treasury Management package. In the same way, payment files generated by the accounting system are imported using an automated file interface and submitted to the Bundesbank. An on-screen report of all files received from or submitted to the Bundesbank is available, and full details of each file can also be consulted. The easy-to-operate administration functions enable the user to configure the system according to his individual needs.

Within the framework of the Deutsche Bundesbank’s Electronic Access (EÖ), banks and authorized corporates can manage their Bundesbank accounts electronically, collect statements and submit payments. Services provided by the Bundesbank include electronic access to the EMZ (Retail Payment System) and Step2 processing for bulk payments. The HBV service ("Hausbankverfahren") is used to settle national and international high-value payments as well as for access to Target2. Using the EKI service (Electronic Account Information), the customers receive balance and transaction information electronically.

Besides banks, MultiCash Transfer can be used by other parties who hold accounts with the Bundesbank. These include:

  • University Cash Offices
  • Cash/valuables-in-transit companies
  • Specialized banks e.g. of car manufacturers or building societies
  • Tax Offices

Product features

  • Automated communication to the German Bundesbank for banks and corporates
  • Use of the Electronic Access (EÖ) of the German Bundesbank
  • Submission of payment files to the German Bundesbank
  • Audit compliance : extensive logging and archiving functions