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MultiCash Transfer AutoClient

Many corporates are looking to automate the workflows between their internal ERP / accounting systems and their banks. Nowadays, many tasks previously managed using e-banking tools require no manual intervention from the user. In particular, regular payment runs and bulk direct debit collections are generated and often signed within the internal systems. In this case a timer-driven solution for forwarding the files to the relevant bank(s) is needed. The regular collection of balance and transaction information is another workflow which can be fully automated. Designed as a central hub for transactional business, Omikron‘s MultiCash Transfer AutoClient® is tailor-made for these requirements.

Within MultiCash Transfer AutoClient, communication jobs are set up for one or more banks. The order type for each job and the frequency is also pre-defined – this can in a defined range (daily, weekly etc.) or event-driven. For submitting transactions to the bank(s), routing rules can also be defined – using specified information, e.g. the file name and file content (bank code, account number). MultiCash Transfer AutoClient detects the appropriate routing rule and automatically triggers communication to the bank. By default, the transfer of payment files to the bank is secured using an automated digital signature (“transport signature” or “corporate seal”). If company policy requires a manual approval and/or personal signature by authorized individuals, these can be made using the integrated File Manager (browser or Windows-based).

Product features

  • Open interfaces for connecting simply and smoothly to any ERP system
  • Comprehensive protection against manipulation by ensuring integrity, authenticity and confidentiality
  • Automated creation of a “Corporate Seal“
  • Established communication processes (MCFT, EBICS, SWIFT, Host2Host)
  • Parallel operation of multiple scalable communication channels