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MultiCash Portal

Internet Banking is now well established in all bank portfolios. However, most internet banking portals allow business to be conducted just with the bank provides the service/connection. At the same time, many corporates used to multibank cash management systems are looking for a central internet portal in order to access multiple banks. Using Omikron’s MultiCash® Portal, banks can provide their corporate client such a single, central web access to all their banks. On this basis, clients can then handle payments for accounts within external banks using with this central application.

MultiCash Portal is an corporate internet banking suite with a modular architecture, which can be accessed by customers at any time, from anywhere. At the heart of the system is a communication engine, which allows parallel connections to different banks to run in automated mode. Current standard methods such as EBICS and MCFT ensure direct access to a large number of international banks. For operational business, an extensive family of applications is available e.g. for cash management, cross-border transactions (SEPA, CGI and/or SWIFT) or local payments in one of many national variants supported by Omikron – of course also in multiple languages. The separation of the communication from the application level has one major advantage: A daily or intra-day scheduler can then run in fully automated mode to collect balance and transaction information from the corporate’s banks, even if the user is not logged on.

Product features

  • Combines the benefits of internet banking and multibanking
  • Extends core functionality for payments, reporting, cash management
  • Parallel connections to a corporate’s banks via EBICS and MCFT
  • Can be easily extended in terms of communication links and functionality