Products : for banks

E-banking used in national and international contexts.


MultiCash@SmartOffice® provides a rich suite of internet banking functionality, tailored to the needs of the expectations of the corporate and SME market.

Core functionality includes a full set of reporting and cash management services as well as and engine for handling all kinds of one-off, recurring and bulk payments on a national or international basis. A wide range of additional options allows each bank to build and deliver its own particular suite of services, as required. Examples include : real-time financial reports, share portfolio information, import/export tools and specialized notifications/alerts. With security in mind, a range of possibilities for authentication and authorization are available, from tokens to digital signature and integrated single-sign-on implementations.

Designed as a pure online solution, all functions can be operated from the browser directly with no additional software on the customer side. This eliminates the need for regular software updates.

Product features

  • Centralized offer for the connection of international customer markets
  • Wide range of European and international payment formats available
  • Broad spectrum of functions, tailored to the needs of corporate customers
  • The user interface can be easily adapted to the bank’s Corporate Design
  • Authorization options have been developed with mobility of users in mind