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Global MultiCash CGI-Edition

In many countries, MultiCash has become synonymous with “Electronic Banking“ and “International Payment Factory solutions“. Banks and corporates use MultiCash products for international payments, cash management, foreign trade and e-invoicing. The applications are available in 14 languages, among them English, Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, French and German.

On the basis of this proven solution, Omikron is able to provide banks and coporates with new developments that are geared to the future : Omikron’s new Global MultiCash solutions take as starting point current initiatives for standardising formats and worfklows relevant for e-banking business. All functions take into account the vision of an e-banking solution which is available around the clock.

For format standardization, Omikron uses the results of the Common Global Implementation - Market Practice (CGI-MP). This is an international initiative of banks, corporates and system providers which is defining worldwide standards for payments on the basis of the ISO 20022 standard. Omikron translates the opportunities of the new CGI XML formats into workable e-banking solutions.

To achieve efficient e-banking operations in a global context, standardization of formats must be accompanies by a corresponding harmonization in banking connections. Omikron’s solutions are tailor-made for both areas, and available anytime, anywhere as well.

Our solutions

With a omni-channel design, the Global MultiCash solutions integrate the communication standards EBICS, SWIFT and MCFT alongside Host-to-Host connections, bank-specific interfaces and online applications. Corporates and banks can then connect directly and cost-effectively. Banks are already offering several of these standards are as a standard channel for corporates’ global business.

Global MultiCash - E-Banking Solution
Global MultiCash is based on three strong components for their worldwide payments : Globally accepted XML formats – Global bank connectivity –Globally and mobile access

All functions can be used from any location worldwide by means of the MultiCash browser interface. Corporate departments and branches can manage all their daily tasks without any software installed locally. MultiCash effectively becomes the group-wide e-banking platform.

A complementary feature is MultiCash Mobile, the e-banking solution for decision-makers who travel frequently. All necessary functions are available on mobile end devices (smartphones, tablets) with an optimized display which runs on all operating systems and devices.

MultiCash CGI Working Groups

Omikron is a driving force for the development of CGI-MP. As solution provider, Omikron brings together corporates and banks in its own MultiCash-CGI working group. Together, Omikron and its customers use this working group to build working solutions based on the guidelines of the CGI-MP working groups.

Overview : MultiCash CGI-Working Groupss
The MultiCash-CGI working groups are aligned with the CGI-MP working groups, also working towards a practical design of the ISO 20022 options and globally usable standards for financial messages

Only if it is realized consistently in working solutions will CGI be able to add value for all parties involved. That is why the MultiCash solutions are characterized by their modular design and the ability to offer workable solutions based on CGI-Standards in a short time period. The functionality and handling of the modules is based on the guidelines of the various working groups and MultiCash customers. For this reason, each corporate or bank is able to choose exactly the CGI functionality needed to fulfil their particular requirements.

MultiCash CGI-Edition

In close alignment with the MultiCash-CGI working groups, Omikron has developed the following modules for the use in MultiCash products:
CGI Payments for setting up and handling orders in pain.001 format

Payment Status Report
for the visualisation and post-processing of the bank status message in the pain.002 format
CAMT Account information
for the processing of account information in camt.052/053/054 formats. Combined with information provided in SWIFT MT940 and MT942 formats (as well as other standards if needed) a corporate is able generate global financial status reports whenever needed
CGI Direct Debits
for setting up and handling direct debits in the pain.008 format. In addition, a mandate administration allows the entire life cycle of a mandate to be mapped and letters and pre-notifications to be sent to debtors
BAM for a simplified administration of the Bank Relationship Management by banks and corporates
BSBextensive reports and analyses of banking fees
CGI Converterfor reliable conversions between CGI formats and in-house formats
CGI format subsystems
for the validation of CGI transactions generated on external systems and integration into the MultiCash workflow