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The new MultiCash generation


Since the first launch of the product before more than 30 years, MultiCash has been developed constantly to ensure compliance with changing technological and regulatory requirements. In the meantime MultiCash has become one of the most successful products for handling payments business on a national and international level.

With the new generation of MultiCash - available for banks - the next chapter for e-banking can begin.

Working with the new, intuitive user interface, financial staff can run cash management reports based on the latest information from all the corporate’s banks and take any necessary steps to optimize their cash flows.

Directly at the start of the program, a Dashboard tailored to the special requirements of each users presents a summary of the latest position on all accounts. The dashboard combines a graphical overview with many report and analysis functions.

MultiCash : Value dated balances - Dashboard
The cash flow forecast provides a complete view of corporate liquidity, including up to date transaction details and plan date. A graphic dashboard provides financial managers with all key information on the financial status right after logon
MultiCash with security label
TÜV Saarland has awarded the state-of-the-art security architecture of the MultiCash e-banking software an official certificate confirming its high level of security.

Many features have been integrated to ensure compliance with security standards. These include flexible authorisation functions as well as special support for “confidential payments“. All functions have been built to meet national and international audit requirements.

At the heart of the system is a communication engine, designed to connect to banks worldwide. A wide range of communication standards are incorporated in MultiCash to ensure that all banks can be reached. These include the European EBICS standards (in all its variants) as well as the internationally widespread MCFT (MultiCash File Transfer) option. As and when required, local and bank-specific connections can be integrated.

MultiCash portfolio

One aim of the new generation is to integrate new functionality based on the latest XML-based specifications. This can be seen in the range of new software modules : Bank Account Management, Bank Service Billing, real-time balances and Payment Status Reports are just some of the new options.

Features and Options

  • Simple installation, support and automated delivery of updates
  • Optimized user interface
  • Intuitive to use
  • Professional cash management
  • Overview of the latest position on all national and international accounts
  • Range of reports with graphical display option
  • Payments – local, Europe-wide and global
  • Constant adaptation to regulatory changes
  • International multibanking
  • Highest level of security in compliance with current standards
  • Easy to integrate in any system environment
  • Browser interface
  • Easily extendible to meet the expectations of Payment Factory business