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Omikron's service portfolio at a glance

From design to turnkey solution

Providing e-banking solutions for corporates and banks is an integral task for us. Because our standard products are characterized by a high degree of flexibility and modularity, our customers benefit directly from the wide range of powerful functions for their e-banking. To complement this, we design and build solutions to meet customer-specific requirements and offer a complete portfolio of services around our products, from planning to implementation and support. Our focus is always on identifying the optimal way to fulfil the specific needs of each client, so all transaction banking tasks are handled efficiently, cost-effectively and securely.

Omikron offers consulting and project management in the electronic banking environment

Consultancy and Project Management

Through all phases of a project, from planning to implementation we bring our vast experience in projects of all sizes to the table. We aim at close collaboration in each case, making a joint analysis of the current situation and preparing solutions that both meet your current needs and designed to master for future challenges in electronic banking.

We keep all specific solutions or adaptations within the Omikron product range compatible with our standard solutions, so that each individual deployment is fully maintained and can be extended as and when needed.

Implementation and Integration

Central to our service offering is the integration of our products in the existing environment. Using special configuration options or individual adaptations of the interfaces, we ensure a smooth connection of Omikron solutions to other important applications. Examples for the banking world are the core banking system, the trade back office or card applications. Typical integration projects at corporates include accounting, ERP, treasury, cash management or in-house banking solutions.

Support and Training

After installing and setting up the solutions, we support you with a comprehensive range of services, including a skilled helpdesk, training on our applications and a central ticket system. With the ticket system, we ensure you always have the latest status on topics you have raised, as well as information about other points under discussion with our user community.

Comprehensive support with hotline, training and ticket system
Multi-country service through an international partner network and country-specific know-how

International Service

Omikron and our solutions are particularly well regarded for the high level of internationality.  This has been achieved together with a network of experienced partners in many markets. Each brings the necessary skill-set and in-depth knowledge of Electronic Banking, which allow them to contribute actively to preparing our products for those countries. This mix of Omikron and our international partners ensures that we can deliver the same quality of service for products across Europe and beyond.

Omikron's comprehensive range of services

Omikron provides integrated support for your project. Together, we will work out the optimal solution approach. Benefit from our many years of expertise in all project phases - analysis, planning, and implementation. In daily practice, we support you with comprehensive service and support options.

Thomas Zimmermann | Omikron Systemhaus

Managed Services

Today, many banks and corporates aim to minimize the internal resource and IT investment, allowing them concentrate on their resources on their core activities. In these cases, Omikron is happy to take over traditional operational tasks such as system administration and monitoring. In addition, Omikron can assume responsibility for active tasks, such as setting up and maintaining master data and internal users. Each of our corporate and bank solutions can be operated "as a service", taking over any tasks you wish to outsource. Within our "MultiCash as a Service", we provide a wide range of services for server and application management, process monitoring and support, which can be ordered as needed. 

Operate MultiCash as a Service in the cloud

With our "MultiCash in the Cloud" model, you receive your own "private" application on a dedicated IT infrastructure in a certified data centre. By providing computing power on demand, you save the investment costs for new hardware and software. At the same time, additional computing capacity can be rented at peak times.

In the traditional "On-Premise" model, the solution is operated in your own data centre. The IT infrastructure then remains on your premises and is maintained by your in-house staff. This option is especially appealing if the internal compliance regulations do not allow for cloud-based models.