Current developments and solutions in Electronic Banking

Our "In focus" section provides banks and corporates with the latest information on our products and solution approaches. We also include some of the current hot topics concerning Electronic Banking and explain the fit with our solutions. The "In focus" section complements the "Banks" and "Corporates" sections, in which all relevant Omikron products for these groups are listed systematically and described.


Topics in focus

Sanctions Sceening in Focus

Sanctions Screening

In a tense geopolitical situation, compliance with legal sanctions regulations is becoming even more critical for corporate treasurers and financial managers. The global fight against money laundering and international terrorism also underlines the importance of this task.

EBICS 3.0 in Focus


As a standard for corporate-bank communication, EBICS is here to stay. Originally designed to modernize and replace a previous standard within Germany, it was then taken up by the French banking community, and more recently Switzerland and Austria.

ISO 2019 Migration in Focus

ISO 2019 Migration

The next wave of payment harmonization sees a consolidation to the latest series of XML formats for payments and cash management, the ISO 2019 version. In the interbank world both SWIFT, as the principal network for worldwide transaction handling and the EPC for Euro payments in the SEPA world are onboarding these formats. National bodies can be expected to follow, and corporates are excited about the increased potential for straight-through processing.

EBAM and KYC in Focus

eBAM and KYC

Opening or closing accounts, setting up powers of attorney and obtaining the necessary documents creates considerable overhead in corporate treasury departments. Get to know our solution for electronic Bank Account Management and Know-Your-Customer checks.

Digitalization in Corporate Banking in Focus

Digitalization in Corporate Banking

In times of digitalization, corporate banking is also undergoing a period of upheaval. Find out how your corporate can achieve greater efficiency and security in payment transactions with a consistent digital banking strategy and benefit from innovative services.

Instant Payments in Focus

Instant Payments

Instant Payments allow transfers to be made within seconds. Alongside SEPA Instant Payments, there are multiple regional and local initiatives, some mandatory for the banking sector, others optional. Already there is significant take-up and this can be expected to grow quickly in coming years. Find out how you as a bank can easily meet this requirement of your corporate customers and thus gain a competitive advantage.

Global CGI in Focus

Global Harmonization (CGI)

The "Common Global Implementation" initiative (CGI), aims at agreeing global standards for banking services. The dynamic working groups include banks, corporates, settlement systems and solution providers. Get to know the modular MultiCash solutions in which the agreed CGI standards have been implemented and find out how these can be combined to meet your expectations as corporate or bank.