In focus

Current topics and products.

Our "In focus" section provides banks and corporates with the latest information on our products and solution approaches. We also include some of the current hot topics concerning Electronic Banking and explain the fit with our solutions.

The "In focus" section complements the "Banks" and "Corporates" sections, in which all relevant Omikron products for these groups are listed systematically and described.

Currently the following topics are in focus on our homepage

  • eBAM and KYC
    Opening or closing accounts, setting up powers of attorney and obtaining the necessary documents creates considerable overhead in corporate treasury departments. Get to know our solution for electronic Bank Account Management and Know-Your-Customer checks, which enables you to manage all your company's bank accounts via a uniform platform and to identify your business partners securely and automatically.
  • Digitalization in Corporate Banking
    In times of digitalization, corporate banking is also undergoing a period of upheaval. Find out how your corporate can achieve greater efficiency and security in payment transactions with a consistent digital banking strategy and benefit from innovative services.
  • PSD2
    The Payment Services Directive PSD2 provides the legal basis for payment services in the European Union and has already significantly increased competition in this area. Learn about the most important aspects of PSD2 and its impact on payment transactions and find out what strategic options it offers for you as a bank to exploit the business potential.
  • Instant Payments
    Instant Payments allow transfers to be made within seconds. Alongside SEPA Instant Payments, there are multiple regional and local initiatives, some mandatory for the banking sector, others optional. Already there is significant take-up and this can be expected to grow quickly in coming years. Find out how you as a bank can easily meet this requirement of your corporate customers and thus gain a competitive advantage.
  • Global Harmonziation (CGI)
    The "Common Global Implementation" initiative (CGI), aims at agreeing global standards for banking services. The dynamic working groups include banks, corporates, settlement systems and solution providers. Get to know the modular MultiCash solutions in which the agreed CGI standards have been implemented and find out how these can be combined to meet your expectations as corporate or bank.