KYC checks to meet legal requirements

Embed your KYC banking details in your standard workflows and manage documents centrally

The secure identification of customers and business partners using Know Your Customer (KYC) checks is a central topic in the relationship between banks and corporates. These checks are based on the legal regulations for banks in combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in severe fines being imposed. In order to fulfil this task, up-to-date information on their customers and the scope of their business activities is of central importance for banks. For corporates, the banks' growing need for information represents a major challenge, as the individual tasks need to ensure compliance are at present mostly not standardized, which results in significant costs and efforts.

Bank Relationship Management Suite for MultiCash®

With the KYC functionality of the Bank Relationship Management-Suite for MultiCash®, you can manage all KYC-relevant information and documents of your company in one platform. The data is stored in encrypted form in a central KYC repository and changes are logged for internal and external auditing purposes.

The tasks and transactions required for KYC audits, such as providing the tax identification number, the commercial register statement, or the account opening documents, can be created as templates and integrated into the various account management workflows. By consistently including KYC processes in your processing procedures, you also ensure that the necessary internal checks are carried out and that all changes are saved centrally.

Success story on the first fully digital and KYC-compliant account opening in Europe by E.ON SE with MultiCash Bank Relationship Suite

Success Story E.ON SE
Find out how E.ON SE used the MultiCash Bank Relationship Suite to make the first fully digital and KYC-compliant account opening in Europe.

With its KYC functionality, the MultiCash Bank Relationship Management Suite is particularly suitable for internationally active companies with accounts at various banks

A flexible solution for your KYC requirements

Based on the templates, you can create workflows for the specific KYC requirements of different banks with little effort. This flexibility of the solution also takes into account the fact that the legal regulations for combating money laundering often differ from one country to another and also allow a certain amount of room for interpretation. This makes the MultiCash Bank Relationship Management suite particularly suitable for corporates that maintain accounts at different banks and/or in different countries.

A further advantage of the KYC solution for MultiCash is that all data can be provided to banks and KYC service providers electronically. Although only a few banks are currently able to receive this information digitally, the first institutions have already implemented this capability in pioneering projects.

Optional connection of KYC service provider

Additional electronic interfaces to KYC service providers such as SWIFT, which recently started providing a digital KYC register for corporates, will be implemented in the MultiCash solution as and when needed. Corporates using this service would then have the option of reconciling their KYC-relevant data between the MultiCash repository and the SWIFT register and granting bank partners access to this information.

Your benefits from the KYC solution at a glance


Central management of all KYC documents in a secure corporate repository


Transparency by means of central access to all necessary information and documents


More efficiency with bank-specific KYC templates and avoidance of manual effort


Optimized workflows using digitized exchange of KYC documents with banks and KYC service providers


Monitoring of due dates through alerts and notification by e-mail


Full compliance with the KYC requirements of banks and internal audit