Compliance Management with MultiCash

Compliance in payments

Compliance in payments has become such an important topic as part of the fight against money laundering, terrorism and fraud. Terms such as "Sanctions Screening", "Embargo Check", "Anti Money Laundering" and "Denied Party Check" are constantly to be heard. However, compliance in payments is a more complex area. Beside laws and regulations, standards set by internal and external audits play a large role. To meet the compliance requirements, the highest security standards must be implemented for all corporate payments. This has an impact on all systems and processes and requires review and control of the responsibilities assigned to staff active in creating, signing and submitting payments. Company management is responsible for ensuring that compliance rules are established and enforced.

Omikron’s MultiCash® solutions allow you to meet the growing requirements for compliance in payments :

Certified security

Omikron’s MultiCash solutions allow you to meet the growing requirements for compliance in payments : Certified security

For sensitive payment data, the highest security standards are met, since the data is fully encrypted both internally and when exchanged with external systems.

The modern security structure of MultiCash has been certified by the TÜV-Saarland following an exhaustive audit, and accredited specifically for its high level of data security.

You can find out more here : TÜV certificate for the security of the new MultiCash generation.

Security characteristics in the MultiCash solutions

  • Secure data retention
  • Encrypted data exchange
  • Secure access
  • Audit-proof logging

Denied Party Check

Corporates are generally required to meet a set of minimum standards to fight money laundering, terrorism and fraud. In the MultiCash payment factory, every business payment transaction undergoes an in-house embargo check before it is submitted to the bank. You can find out more on our Denied Party Check product page.

Compliance checks in the MultiCash payment factory

  • Sanctions Screening
  • Embargo check
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Denied Party Check Incl. White List Screening

Bank Account Management

Banking relationships between corporates and banks operate at many layers. Responsibilities for tasks such as payments, financing and investment are divided amongst different teams and individuals. With the Bank Account Management in MultiCash, you always have an up-to-date overview of all authorised personnel. Reports can be created in the hierarchal company structure, and grouped both by account and employee. Internal organisational processes for changes in the banking relationships are taken into account.

An integrated document administration function allows you to store your centralised document depository in the encrypted MultiCash File-Store databases.

Features of the bank mandates management in the MultiCash solutions

  • Central overview of all personal mandates and powers of dispositions in the corporate
  • Central document management of corporate documents, including bank and account contracts
  • Changes management, by mapping of internal processes for the account management
  • Extensive logging and research options
  • Standard interfaces for interaction with other systems


The MultiCash Transfer ERP connector, using open standardised technologies, allows a deep integration with the processes of ERP systems, such as those from SAP®, Oracle® or Microsoft®. With a highest degree of security, all data is encrypted and transferred into the MultiCash payment factory’s secure system databases by the ERP system.

Characteristics of the MultiCash Transfer ERP Connector

  • Encrypted and direct data exchange between ERP and MultiCash Transfer
  • Open standard for all ERP, TMS, HR and billing systems
  • Product solution for SAP-ERP allows Plug and Play integration
  • Straight-through processing due to the automated data transfer
  • Functional both in the Omikron Cloud as well as on premise

Authorization Concept

"Segregation of Duties" is the central feature of all MultiCash applications. The sophisticated approval and authorization system provides each employee in their department, and the system administrator, with the exact information and capabilities, which they need for their daily work. This also fulfils the flexible authorization requirements of different corporates, e.g. for corporate seal and or multiple digital signatures. A special feature for "Confidential Payments" is incorporated.

Characteristics of user rights administration in the MultiCash solutions

  • "Segregation of Duties"
  • Support of Corporate Seal, approvals and digital signatures
  • Flexible authorization concepts including limits, such as restricting data visibility on unit level
  • When necessary, restricting creation of one-time beneficiaries
  • Comprehensive password administration policies


Comprehensive logging, evaluation and research possibilities provide a high level of system transparency to support internal and external audits. MultiCash ensures that all user activities and workflows are fully logged.

Research options in the MultiCash solutions

  • Audit Trail for payments and authorisations
  • Master data alteration logs
  • Communication logs
  • System logs and supervision
  • Process logging and monitoring

Straight-Through Processing

Automation, or Straight-Through Processing (STP) does not only provide a faster, time-controlled execution of payments, it also reduces the risk that users could accidentally or intentionally use the system incorrectly, or view data without authorization. The high degree of automation directly increases the overall system security.

Automation with the MultiCash Payment Factory

  • Numerous automation possibilities allow for STP
  • Prevention of interruptions to the workflow
  • Flexible integration of unattended workflows
  • Avoiding rejected payments due to manual errors
  • Cost reduction through time saving and concentration on specialist topics