White Paper: Digitalization in Corporate Banking

New challenges and opportunities in payments – how to build a successful digital banking strategy

Increasingly, digitalization is penetrating all areas of life. The impact on various business sectors is clearly visible, already resulting in considerable upheaval. But until now the digital realignment of the entire payments business has received little attention. When used consistently, digital banking can provide significant benefits to the corporate. Not only can the efficiency and security of payment workflows be improved, but new innovative banking services can be exploited as needed.

When implementing a digital banking-strategy the main focus is on the switch from analogue to electronic, automated processes. For this to succeed, the technical groundwork has to be laid and all business-related and regulatory requirements must be fulfilled.

This White Paper aims to guide you in the right direction to understand and implement digitalization of your corporate banking processes. We outline the areas to concentrate on and explain the potential targets in each case. Following that, we provide a checklist for each area, so that you can gain a clear picture of where your corporate currently stands.

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