Identifying financial scope and optimizing cash flow

The starting point for any successful cash management is complete transparency about the corporates financial position and payment streams. Only if this information is available centrally is it possible to plan liquidity development, maximize group interest and manage risks. The MultiCash® add-on Cash Management provides a full overview of the corporate’s financial position, across all national and international accounts.

Any ongoing or planned payments can be integrated in these reports. In addition, it includes tools to enable the corporate to set up and manage its own cash pooling, with options for zero and target balancing. A range of reporting options allows the corporate’s current and future financial position to be analyzed in different ways, based on consolidated information on all banks, branches and subsidiaries worldwide. So you can quickly identify any liquidity reserves and make the best use of your cash.

Central and global overview of all corporate balances

All You need to Manage your Cash

In MultiCash, you can automatically collect and process account statements in the MT940 and Camt format from all your banks. On this basis you receive a worldwide and centralized overview of the balances of the entire corporate group. Intra-day items and advices (based on the camt52 and MT942 formats) are supported as well, which allows you to include these projections in your financial planning.

Alongside this set of bank details, you can include your own plan data, by adding details manually and/or by including outgoing transaction flows automatically. Based on this full set of data, the application delivers a cash forecast across all banks and currencies. A wide range of reports and analysis tools, displayed in a transparent tree view, allow you to make the necessary decisions on how to manage your corporate cash.

Liquidity Management Made Easy

At the click of a button, you can create a cross-currency, cross-bank proposal for pooling your corporate cash. Depending on your preferences, you can set this to use zero balancing (cash concentration) or target-balancing. The application automatically proposes transfers which will maximize interest across the accounts. If necessary, you can make adjustments and then a simple approval will ensure that the payments are made immediately. This facilitates the entire financial decision-making process and frees up important resource for other financial activities.

Another powerful tool allows you to plan your incoming and outgoing cashflows directly and decentrally. For easy matching, you can assign transactions to categories which you have defined as needed, e.g. personnel, material. An extensive reconciliation mechanism matches your internal data against transactions reported by the banks, so that differences can be quickly recognized and appropriate actions can be taken.

Over and above this add-on application, Omikron is able to deliver solutions for more complex, integrated requirements such as optimizing intra-company cash-flows, or building a central in-house bank. We will be delighted to work with you on projects of this type.

Concepts for optimizing intra-company cash-flows or building a central in-house bank can be implemented in projects

Benefits of the Cash Management add-on


Improve your liquidity management, using consolidated bank details, plan data and credit lines – in real time


Ensure complete transparency of your position across all accounts worldwide


Increase efficiency levels by automating and centralizing your workflows


Maximize interest across the group, using the cross-currency, cross-bank cash pooling capability


Reduce external financing costs significantly by streamlining your liquidity management


Active cash pooling including zero and target balancing with extensive analysis and reporting functions