Take control of corporate payments - national and international

For corporates needing to manage cash and payments across multiple banks and countries, MultiCash® is the solution. Save time and costs by using MultiCash to provide a consolidated, real-time overview of corporate finances, spanning all relevant departments and entities. With its modular design, MultiCash can be tailored to meet the individual needs of any corporate. Use the tools in this fully integrated payments solution to control all bank accounts centrally, align user rights with your corporate structure, and allow payment formats to be converted if needed.

This will result in greater transparency and better corporate governance. Join the worldwide community of 100,000 corporates who value the flexibility and forward-looking approach in MultiCash. See for yourself how the solution is constantly updated to comply with the latest technological and regulatory requirements, and extended as needed to meet international expectations – as borne out by the 10+ languages currently available.

MultiCash is the multibank solution for corporate e-banking
For the straight-through processing of payment processes, MultiCash can be upgraded to a payment factory

Upgrading to the MultiCash Payment Factory

The powerful standard solution can be easily extended to build seamless workflows for Financial Supply Chain Management. Using the MultiCash Payment Factory, internationally active corporates connect their e-banking directly to their accounting system and increase the level of straight-through payment processing. Even if it is necessary to work with local payment systems or country-specific formats, MultiCash provides a single consolidated system and allows payments generated by the corporate accounting system to be processed directly.

Corporate E-Banking Anytime, Anywhere

For corporates operating in multiple locations, whether via the corporate intranet or public internet, a browser interface is available. Authorized users can access all necessary e-banking functions at any time or in any place using windows clients or browsers. Designed to be fully embedded in the corporate infrastructure, corporates can be sure that the solution complies with internal security guidelines. An add-on allows corporate decision-makers to manage their daily banking business on tablets and smartphones as well.

How MultiCash is deployed in practice depends on corporate policies: it can be implemented on internal systems (on-premise) or activated in the highly secure MultiCash-Cloud, based on the “Software as a Service” model.

Centralized banking connections, at any time – and worldwide

Join the many users who already connect to all their banks (worldwide) from one central application, and benefit from the harmonized payment solution. MultiCash supports all important international and country-specific file formats, for instance the European SEPA standard, the global CGI format and a wide range of country-specific formats. To connect to the banks, multiple communication standards can be used in parallel, including the various European EBICS variants, the internationally popular MCFT (MultiCash File Transfer) standard as well as direct connections via the worldwide SWIFT network.

Professional cash management and comprehensive liquidity planning with MultiCash


Professional Cash Flow Optimization

The multibank engine in MultiCash can be used to consolidate information on all accounts to the single central application. Flexible reporting tools then allow each corporate to define the cash management and liquidity planning to meet its individual requirements. A special cash pooling feature allows you to view the latest cash position across all banks, including interest details if relevant, and decide how to make best use of your cash. MultiCash will then make a proposal for cash optimization, concentrating funds to the highest interest accounts, and initiate these payments directly if confirmed by an authorized user.


Security and Compliance in Payments

Certified by a specialist IT security organization (the German-based TÜV), the security architecture incorporates encryption at all stages in the workflow: within the MultiCash application, when data is imported/exported from external systems and during connections to the banks. The internal design ensures that users have no access to files or databases at any time, eliminating the risk of misuse or manipulation. Within the application, a granular set of user profiles ensures that each user will access only the options which he/she needs for daily tasks, view and work with only information for which he/she has rights and have no access to data or functions for which he/she is not authorized.

In addition, MultiCash is well prepared for the rigorous requirements for compliance in the payments business. A “Denied Party Check” can be leveraged to support the fight against money laundering, terrorism and financial crime by using sanction lists to filter out suspicious transactions before these are submitted to the bank. The MultiCash application can be deeply integrated into the corporate ERP infrastructure (SAP®, Oracle® or Microsoft®, for example), using encryption throughout to comply with the highest security standards.

TÜV-certified data security

Digital Bank Services

With the onset of digitalization, new electronic banking services are emerging constantly. As a modern solution, MultiCash has the agility and flexibility to respond quickly as these requirements evolve. Add-ons and upgrades are delivered in due time to allow corporates immediate benefit from new services. It is already possible, for instance, to optimize bank connections (using “Bank Account Management”), check and improve external costs (with “Bank Service Billing”) and receive timely feedback on outgoing transactions (with “Payment Status Report”).

Take Control of Documentary Business

The "Foreign Trade" add-on provides a central, standardized solution for handling Letters of Credit (import or export side) as well as Guarantees. A detailed transaction history, flexible reporting and diary management are just some of the central features. For corporates working in just one area of the business, it is of course possible to select and use just those components needed for their particular import/export activities.


Your Benefits from MultiCash


Set-up, operate and control payments centrally, for greater transparency


Your Benefits from MultiCash


Increase efficiency with one integrated solution for all bank connections and formats


Your Benefits from MultiCash


Improve corporate Cash Management across all banks and accounts


Your Benefits from MultiCash


Optimize Straight-Through Processing by following the growth path to the Payment Factory


Your Benefits from MultiCash


Take control of bank relationships with the Bank Account Management and Bank Service Billing add-ons


Your Benefits from MultiCash


Ensure compliance with the latest security standards and audit requirements


Your Benefits from MultiCash


Deliver e-banking services anytime, anywhere


Your Benefits from MultiCash


Optional add-on for handling the entire documentary business

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