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Digitalisation and Sustainability
Step by step towards a cleaner future

Conserving resources is the trick to moving to a sustainable economy. The aim must be to use as few resources as possible and to keep them in the production cycle for as long as possible. Even if it is not as directly evident as in the manufacturing industry, the use of resources also plays a central role in sustainable software development.

Time, money and energy can be saved above all if the software is future-proof, i.e. if it can be used in the long term. Our solutions fulfil this requirement, as their modular structure means they can be quickly adapted to new regulatory requirements or market demands and expanded to include new functions. Another key feature is the scalability of our solutions, which ensures that our customers only use the resources necessary for their day-to-day operations. However, if they need a wider range of functions or more performance, they can upgrade at any time. To support this process, we provide a full range of consulting and support services to ensure that our software applications are utilised as efficiently as possible.

Sustainable software development - more than just a buzzword

Our path to sustainable software development also includes the gradual reduction of the environmental impact associated with our business activities in general. Steps range from a hybrid working environment for employees, alternating between office and home office days, through to environmentally friendly commuting options. This concept also includes modernising the workplaces, using renewable energy, making the office building climate-neutral and significantly increasing the proportion of recycled materials.

In the final step, we also align our customers' sales and project implementation with our sustainability goals. With online communication and remote control, we make particular use of the opportunities that digitalisation offers us for advising and supporting our customers. This reduces the number of business trips to our customers and on-site user training sessions can be replaced by online seminars. Scalable cloud solutions also ensure that our customers do not have to use their own servers for transaction banking and can always access the resources they actually need.

Social responsibility

As a medium-sized company, Omikron Systemhaus attaches great importance to ethical business policies and social responsibility in all dealings with employees, customers and business partners. In the course of our 40-year company history, such guidelines have developed into the cornerstones of our corporate identity.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a specific contribution that companies can make to sustainable business as part of their social responsibility. We recognise our social, ecological and economic responsibility and are committed to fair working conditions, social commitment, responsible use of resources, environmental protection, transparent business practices and compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.

Environmental protection in practice

Omikron respects the environment in its activities and has taken measures to reduce its ecological footprint. The aim is to modernise the workplaces, use renewable energy, make the office building climate-neutral and significantly increase the proportion of recycled materials. This includes focussing on the use of electricity from the company's own photovoltaic system, favouring electric cars as company cars and operating several company-owned electric charging stations. The purchase and use of electric vehicles in employees' private lives is expressly encouraged and supported by providing the corresponding infrastructure.

The separation of recyclable materials and other waste as well as the safe disposal of electronic waste by a partner certified for sustainability are a matter of course that is practised and lived by all employees at Omikron.


Healthy Working Environment

When planning and constructing our company building in Cologne, we attached great importance to a spacious and healthy working environment. The offices are equipped with ergonomic office furniture according to the individual requirements of the employees.

When it comes to modernisation measures, the main focus is on promoting an open and collegial working atmosphere and strengthening the team spirit. This includes particularly inviting areas for team meetings as well as a terrace in a natural environment for meetings and moments of relaxation.

For their physical well-being, employees have access to a modern staff canteen with free coffee, non-alcoholic drinks and a free fruit basket.

Cooperation with the Cologne Nature Conservation Association

As part of our long-standing collaboration with the regional Cologne Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU), we realise measures to improve the environment at our company headquarters in order to better protect flora and fauna. Our near-natural and regularly professionally maintained green spaces around the company premises are not only a favourite place for our employees and visitors to stay and visit, but are also home to several animal species in the Lower Rhine region.

We support their colonisation, among other things, with a nesting aid for wild bees, which NABU set up for us in cooperation with AKTIONGRUEN ( We have improved the food supply for bees and other insects, and therefore also birds, by planting native wild shrubs.

Our company-owned pond and the surrounding trees and bushes are also a popular focal point for birds and other animals. During a tour with NABU, the endangered garden dormouse was even spotted here. We have placed special bird nesting boxes in the bushes for this species, as garden dormice like to live in them.

Digitalisation is a key element in the fight against climate change. Digital technologies have enormous potential in all sectors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit the ecological impact. Combining climate protection with digitalisation is the major task facing politics, business and society together.

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