Bank Relationship Management – Manage Bank Accounts Efficiently

Full transparency of signature rights and fees per account - worldwide

Even in the digital age, managing bank accounts and monitoring the related charges often involves significant manual effort, resulting in internal costs. But help is at hand. Innovative add-ons for MultiCash allow you to relieve your treasury team from these tasks, freeing up capacity for its main activities.

Electronic Bank Account Management – Account management made easy

Opening and closing of accounts, setting up the related signature rights and collating the necessary documents is an everyday task for treasury teams. In the meantime, international standards for customer-bank business have been introduced, aimed at significantly reducing the amount of work required in this area. With the “Electronic Bank Account Manager” (eBAM) add-on for MultiCash, you can directly profit from these standards and relieve your treasury team from many cumbersome administrative duties. The solution allows you to consolidate account management to a single, central platform, which delivers clear and transparent reports on signature rights for accounts. At one glance, you can then see which accounts each colleague can access to, check their signature rights and the banking business for which he/she is authorized. This approach ensures compliance with typical audit requirements.

International corporates can use the MultiCash eBAM add-on to manage accounts for all branches and subsidiaries electronically. A central document management for all signatories, bank contracts, accounts and companies is another powerful option available with this add-on.

Benefits of using Electronic Bank Account Management

  • Ensures audit-proof administration and documentation of all access rights
  • Allows all national and international bank relationships to be managed centrally
  • Supports consolidation in corporate organizations by integrating local units into a central corporate authorization processes
  • Delivers a transparent view across all accounts, with a wide range of report options
  • Can be integrated seamlessly into the corporate environment

Bank Service Billing – transparency across all bank costs

With the “Bank Service Billing” (BSB) MultiCash® add-on, you receive a complete overview of the fees per bank account, and tools allowing you to handle these electronically. You can, for instance, define the reports of accounting fees as needed, setting the intervals and selecting a list overview or diagram form. When standardized secure channels are used, such as EBICS, MCFT, SWIFT or Host-to-Host, files are imported automatically. This guarantees the authenticity of the files as well as the sender, fulfilling audit requirements for bank charges reports to be acknowledged as electronic receipts. Additionally, there is an option to store the price agreements with each, so that you have a central overview of all agreed conditions within MultiCash. 

Overview Bank Service Billing


Benefits of MultiCash Bank Service Billing

  • Provides a full electronic solution for handling bank fees
  • Meets expectations of flexibility, such as reports per account and freely definable Reporting Times
  • Guarantees the authenticity of the sender and the integrity of the files, whenever a recognized secure channel is used
  • Supports common electronic formats (camt.086 and TWIST-XML), alongside CSV and XLS as well as further formats if required
  • Ensures the necessary flexibility for interacting with third-party systems, based on freely definable export interfaces
  • Facilitates consolidation with a central repository for price agreements
  • Verifies invoice content automatically