Full transparency over all bank accounts, powers of attorney and fees

Even in the digital age, managing bank accounts and monitoring the related charges often involves significant manual effort, resulting in internal costs. But help is at hand. Innovative add-ons for MultiCash® allow you to relieve your treasury team from these tasks, freeing up capacity for its main activities.

Bank Relationship Management enables corporates to manage accounts and powers of attorney more efficiently

Increasing efficiency in payments

In recent years, a large number of corporates have invested significant time and money in new systems and tools to make their payments and cash management processes more efficient. Despite this, the gains in efficiency are often cancelled out by the increasingly complex administrative tasks.

Among the time-consuming activities are the setup of accounts and powers of attorney at national and international level, the control of price agreements and bank charges, and ever more extensive KYC checks. Other factors include the increased legal and regulatory requirements, particularly in the context of anti-terrorism financing, and new internal and external compliance guidelines.

Bank Relationship Management with MultiCash

MultiCash solutions for digital bank relationship management now enable you to automate and standardize many tasks in this area previously carried out manually.

Take advantage of the "Digital Banking" options for your corporate and benefit from the centralized document management, a flexible integration into your workflows and a transparent handling of all operative processes. All connections to banks and payment service providers are made electronically, assuming that these parties support the necessary formats and communication standards.

Digital Bank Relationship Management with MultiCash
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Product brochure Electronic Bank Account Management

Read here how our Electronic Bank Account Management solution allows account lifecycle management to be fully digitalized.

Further options for the digitalization of the Bank Relationship Management

Advanced digitization options

More and more banks are offering technical interfaces for managing powers of attorney held with the bank, as well as bank service billing, resulting in the possibility to digitize these processes. Over and above this, the embargo checks and sanction screening of banks and payment beneficiaries can also be automated. We provide innovative solutions for all these tasks, minimizing manual efforts and largely eliminating paper.

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Electronic Bank Account Management (eBAM)

Electronic account management for the entire account lifecycle from account opening to account closure

Bank Service Billing (BSB)

Full transparency over your bank fees, with fully electronic processing

Denied Party Check

Checking outgoing payments against sanctions lists, filtering out suspicious transactions before these are submitted to the bank

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White Paper: Digitalization in Corporate Banking

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