Mobile Banking for Corporates

Digital Banking, anytime, anywhere

Boost the quality of your services by ensuring that your clients can manage their banking business anytime, anywhere and on any device. Omikron’s mobile solution consists of two apps which are seamlessly integrated with the MultiCash On online banking suite. In addition, we provide full customization and implementation services, including creation of layouts to comply with your bank’s Corporate Identity, coordination of the implementation activities and support for the bank with publishing the app to the Apple and Google Play stores.

MultiCash On Mobile App

Developed using open standards for iOS and Android, the MultiCash On Mobile App will soon succeed the SmartOffice Mobile App, which is currently available in the official Apple and Google stores. Once prepared and published by your bank in the Apple or Google Play Store, users can also download the MultiCash On Mobile App directly from there. The solution combines access to a set of banking services with usage of additional native smartphone functions such as branch and ATM search facilities. In addition, banks can easily extend or update the range of services provided, for the most part without needing to involve the app stores. In this way, updates with technological improvements or new banking functions can be quickly rolled out.

For the users to work as efficiently as possible, all data remains on the communication platform at all times and is never stored on the mobile device. This also ensures that sensitive data is protected against loss or damage. For authentication and authorization, a number of options are available, each fulfilling the requirements for Strong Customer Authentication, as defined by PSD2. Particularly popular is the use of Omikron’s Signature App which can be closely integrated and accessed directly from the mobile device.

MultiCash On Signature App

The MultiCash On Signature App provides the user with a state-of-the-art and attractive tool for authorization directly from the mobile device.

Users working with the online banking solution MultiCash On can use the app on their mobile device as an alternative to a separate hardware token. The solution is based on a visual Challenge-Response exchange, where a QR-Code is generated (consisting of a matrix of coloured dots).

Users who prefer to work from the mobile device will use the Signature App together the MultiCash On Mobile App, so that they are able to check and authorize payments comfortably in a consistent and intuitive user journey.

The solution meets the highest security requirements and is fully compliant with PSD2 regulations.

Your Benefits with MultiCash On Mobile solutions at a glance:

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use solution for high customer satisfaction
  • Compliance with the highest security requirements, including PSD2-compliant Strong Customer Authentication for the best possible data protection
  • Delivery of all essential functions to meet the expectations of today’s customers
  • Quick time-to-market, as the solution can be easily integrated into the existing MultiCash platform
  • More flexibility for users by allowing them to work with mobiles device and online banking in parallel