Solutions for corporates

Digital solutions for Corporates: efficient and tailored to individual needs

Our MultiCash solution package provides a rich range of options to allow corporates to automate, centralize and manage all their national and international transaction banking activities. The ability to connect to multiple banks and the flexibility to work in parallel with many different formats are particularly valued features. Often, corporates use MultiCash to handle business with all their banks and service providers, locally and in an international environment.

The functional scope of MultiCash can be easily adapted to meet the individual needs of your corporate. Powerful options which can be integrated include professional cash management, fully electronic bank relationship management and documentary business. The solution can also be deployed and used as required, for instance locally as a Windows-based tool, or across multiple locations using browser and mobile-based access. Many mid to large corporates have deployed the solution to form the heart of an automated, centralized payment factory.

Within the framework of "MultiCash as a Service", we are able to manage these comprehensive transaction banking services for your corporate in a managed, cloud-based environment. Omikron is then responsible for the administration and monitoring as well.

Features and options

  • E-banking products for national, European and international use
  • Consistently modular structure for administrative, operational and analytical banking
  • Integration of common communication standards and ERP systems
  • Highest security standards for corporate - bank communication
  • Windows, browser and mobile options in various languages, selected by user preference
  • Available as on-premise or cloud-based solution – if requested also as hybrid