Manage price agreements with banks transparently and check service billing automatically

The MultiCash® module "Bank Service Billing" (BSB) allows you to automatically check the charges made by your banks. To enable this, the underlying price agreements with the banks are stored in a central database. If required, the original documents can also be stored in a central file directory. If you have stored the price agreements electronically, the compliance is automatically checked during processing and the results are visualized by a traffic light system.

Wide range of formats and communication channels

BSB also supports the import of data in common formats such as camt.086 and TWIST-XML, when these are received via secure channels such as EBICS, MCFT, SWIFT or Host-to-Host. This guarantees the authenticity of the files as well as the sender, fulfilling audit requirements for bank charges reports to be acknowledged as electronic receipts.

Fully digital billing process

The BSB module provides a consistent and fully digital solution for processing and checking fee settlements over the entire billing process. This eliminates the manual effort involved in creating different file formats, maintaining different system interfaces or creating and sending costly paper documents.

In addition, you can display the statements of all your banks for freely definable periods in meaningful lists and diagrams. Flexible interfaces are available for further processing of the data in third-party systems.

With Bank Service Billing, you can process your banks' fee statements completely digitally
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Your benefits with Bank Service Billing at a glance


Straight Through Processing by means of fully electronic processing and automatic checking of the content of the fees statements


Your benefits with Bank Service Billing at a glance


Improved traceability, as the price agreements can be stored centrally, either as a database entry or a full document


Your benefits with Bank Service Billing at a glance


Flexibility to connect to multiple banks using common electronic formats such as camt.086 and TWIST-XML; CSV and XLS can be added as needed


Your benefits with Bank Service Billing at a glance


Transparency through clear display of bank service reports for freely definable periods


Your benefits with Bank Service Billing at a glance


Ensuring the authenticity of the sender as well as the integrity of the data in accordance with compliance requirements by means of secure bank-customer communication


Your benefits with Bank Service Billing at a glance


Customizable integration with other applications, by means of freely definable export files

For information on our overall solution for managing banking relationships efficiently (accounts, powers of attorney, fees and compliance checks), please visit our Bank Relationship Management page.

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