Digital account lifecycle management from account opening to account closure with EBAM for MultiCash

EBAM enables fully digital account lifecycle management from account opening to account closure

Opening and closing of accounts, setting up the related signature rights and collating the necessary documents is an everyday task for treasury teams. New international standards for all business workflows between corporates and banks aim to significantly reduce the amount of work required in this area. With the “Electronic Bank Account Manager” (eBAM) for MultiCash®, you can directly exploit the potential of these standards and relieve your treasury team of much of their daily administrative overheads.

Transparency over all accounts and signature rights

EBAM covers all tasks in the account lifecycle from account opening to account closure, including the entire KYC process. The solution allows you to consolidate account management to a single, central platform, which delivers clear and transparent reports on signature rights for accounts.

At one glance, you can see which accounts each colleague can access and then check the signature rights and the banking business for which he/she is authorized. This approach ensures compliance with typical audit requirements.

Digital Account-Lifecycle-Management with MultiCash eBAM


Diagram showing the digital account lifecycle management with MultiCash eBAM

Electronic management of all accounts and central document management

International corporates can use MultiCash eBAM to manage accounts for all branches and subsidiaries electronically. This eliminates the manual effort and the associated potential sources of error when setting up and deleting accounts and managing powers of attorney.

The data required for communication with the banks can be sent either by mail merge, e-mail or in an acmt file, depending on the bank in question has automated the bank account management process. In addition, a powerful central document management is provided, covering all signatories, bank contracts, accounts and group companies.

Central document management for contracts and price agreements with banks and service providers

Benefits of using Electronic Bank Account Management

Benefits of MultiCash EBAM at a glance


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