Avoid exchange rate risks

Hedging transactions to reduce currency risks are part of any treasurer’s daily business. To handle this successfully, it is necessary to have a consolidated overview of the corporate’s foreign currency exposure. Isolated applications are of no user.

With the emergence of 360T, a trade platform has become established, enabling real-time currency exchange. It is no surprise that this solution is used in most treasuries of the corporate world. So any central decision-making system has to take into account Forex deals finalized in this system.

Enter and manage currency transactions conveniently with MultiCash

The Exposure & Risk Management (ERM) add-on for MultiCash® offers corporates a full range of functions to manage and assess currency exchange and other business. Transactions can either be entered manually or imported automatically from a standard 360T interface.

A dedicated report presents all transactions using the current daily rates. The treasurer can then identify at a glance whether a forward transaction has been beneficial or not. For options, the report directly recommends which action to take, based on the information available.

MultiCash offers the full range of functions for the management and valuation of currency exchange

Cash management evaluations and reports made easy

The consolidation allows internal workflows to be optimized. All Forex transactions are incorporated in the overall cash management reports. This simplifies the treasurer’s daily tasks and allows him to use the automated cash concentration in MultiCash to ensure sufficient cover on all accounts.

It’s time to that those unreliable excel tables became a thing of the past. Important decisions can now be made at the click of a button, on the basis of a fully integrated ERM solution. Of course, all details from the reports can be exported if some activities have to be done in other applications.

Benefits of Omikron’s Exposure & Risk management

Provides all functions needed to generate and manage Forex transactions

Consolidates all transactions and provides a ready overview, using current rates

Supports decision-making by automatically recommending options transactions

Ensures immediate cover an all accounts, using the MultiCash cash concentration tool