ERP-Connector: Raise Efficiency Levels by means of System Integration

Optimized throughput with your banks – automated and secure

For corporates who generate payment files using their ERP systems, it is a logical step to integrate a strong automated interface to their banks. This is the only efficient way to exchange data with the banks and to significantly improve the Straight-Through-Processing of payments. Of course, any solution must protect the payment files from manipulation and guarantee the integrity of the data (unadulterated content), its authenticity (the source is known and legitimate) and its confidentiality.

The MultiCash® ERP connector is designed specifically to meet these goals. A number of automated ERP interfaces are supported, each of which is able to deliver payment files to the banks and collect balances and transactions. The ERP connector is directly embedded in the processes of the ERP system, using open standardized technologies. Examples of available interfaces include SAP®, Oracle® and Microsoft®. In addition, the same solution can be used to connect automatically to other internal systems such as treasury, HR and management information solutions. With its own integrated routing engine, MultiCash can become a general tool for "Managed Data Transfer". All data flows between these systems and MultiCash are fully encrypted, ensuring compliance with the highest security standards.

Benefits of the ERP-Connector:

  • Meets the highest security standards for data connectivity
  • Automates all processes, maximizing Straight-Through-Processing levels
  • Designed to be implemented quickly and easily with ERP-Systems (e.g. SAP®, Oracle®or Microsoft®) on the basis of open standards
  • Ensures optimal control and deep integration into the ERP-Systems based on open technology
  • Allows data to be exchanged with other corporate systems as well
  • Provides routing mechanisms which can be adapted to the individual corporate environment
  • Can be implemented as a Managed-Service in the cloud or On-Premise