MultiCash Communication Day 2023: Digitalization of Corporate Banking

At the MultiCash Communication Day 2023, corporates learned how they can reap the rewards of digitalization in treasury

At this year's MultiCash Communication Day in Cologne, more than 100 participants learned from the various presentations and workshops how corporate banking is becoming digitalized.

Top-class speakers from corporates reported on the status quo in the implementation of digital treasury workflows and provided an outlook into planned developments. Due to regulatory requirements in particular, a number of technical changes in formats and communication channels must be implemented by 2025, which will also affect the corporate accounting, treasury and HR systems.

In a report on their daily operations, TroGroup GmbH showed how MultiCash BI can be put to good use and provide added value for the corporate. DATEV eG, together with our SAP integration partner BPI GmbH, reported on the development of a MultiCash Transfer Payment Hub and its integration into SAP ERP with the help of MultiCash APIs. Together with our partners Commerzbank AG and E.ON SE, we summarized the progress made in the how EBAM and KYC are being used by banks and corporates in a wrap-up to the MultiCash EBAM Forum from the spring.

In addition, the participants were shown how the new MultiCash version tackles current challenges, with a special focus on API integration, the upcoming EBICS 3.x standard and the transition from DT-AZV and SEPA to ISO-20022-XML.

Our MultiCash workshops on the day after Communication Day once again met with great interest. We were able to build on the topics of the previous day, using practical examples with the current MultiCash version to explain in more detail how the functions are implemented.