Electronic Banking Forum for banks and companies

Over 120 experts from banks, corporates and consultancies took part in the event in Cologne to learn more about how corporate banking is changing. The presentations and workshops focussed on topics such as efficiency and transparency as well as new "Banking as a Service" initiatives and how trend-setting e-BAM projects are being realized in practice.

For example, a representative of the Deutsche Bundesbank told participants about the role that regulation plays in the digitalisation of corporate banking, particularly with SEPA Instant Payments. The service provider SWIFT presented innovative options for corporates and banks resulting from the migration to the ISO standard as well as new options for accessing the SWIFT network.

Practice reports - The important topics in transaction banking

Deutsche Bank AG provided information on the increasing importance of banking-as-a-service and how the new API-based banking services are fundamentally changing the established corporate banking ecosystem. In its presentation, DZ BANK AG described how the key to successfully introducing Request-to-Pay is to ensure a robust internal support for the new message-based payment process. At the same time, DZ BANK AG explained how the banking group is building out its eBAM offering. Alongside these insights from the banking sector, Omikron outlined its MultiCash API strategy for corporate and banking solutions and provided an outlook on how to meet the current challenges in transaction banking, such as ISO-XML, Instant Payments, EBICS and eBAM.

In an update on its recent activities, RWE AG provided the perspective of a multinational on how to pilot digital e-BAM account opening via EBICS, including sanctions screening checks. In a further presentation, Omikron explained the wide range of options for the digitalising "administrative banking", using MultiCash solutions for e-BAM, sanctions screening, KYC and bank fee management.

More than 120 experts from banks, companies and consultancies attended the Strategy Forum Transaction Banking 2024 to find out about digitalization in treasury and the transformation in corporate banking.

The key take-aways from the event

  • SEPA Instant Payments are currently in the spotlight - thanks to regulation

  • Innovative changes in SWIFT formats, interfaces and services open up new opportunities for corporates and banks

  • Banking-as-a-Service - new, API-based banking services are fundamentally changing the established corporate banking ecosystem

  • Request-to-Pay - Strong internal support for the end-2-end process is the key for successfully introducing the new message-based payment process

  • The acceptance level of eBAM by banks is increasing steadily - also internationally

  • RWE AG is piloting eBAM-EBICS account opening with Deutsche Bank AG

  • Automated sanctions screening in the central payment hub - daily changes in the lists are supported by the integrated system solution

With MultiCash system solutions, you are ideally equipped for the imminent changes in corporate banking.


It takes courage to break new ground and accept change, but this is the key to proactively shaping innovative developments.

We would like to thank all participants for their interest and especially the speakers for their excellent presentations and the opportunity to gain some insights into corporate banking of the future.

This year's strategy forum focused on topics such as the processing of payments and information in real time, open banking initiatives with new API-based services and the digitalisation of administrative processes such as electronic bank account management.

The discussions, exchange of ideas and insights during the event were of great value for the further development of our joint strategies in the area of transaction banking.

Gregor Opgen-Rhein | Senior Sales Consultant | Omikron Systemhaus


Strategy Forum Transaction Banking 2024

Date: Wednesday 20. March 2024 - 10:00 - 16:30

Location: Lindner Hotel City Plaza, Magnusstraße 20, 50672 Cologne


On behalf of the entire Omikron organisation team, we would like to thank everyone for attending the Transaction Banking 2024 Strategy Forum. The presence, commitment and expertise of the speakers, as well as the active participation of the attendees, helped to make this event extremely informative and undoubtedly contributed to the further development of our MultiCash platform.

Sebastian Schäfer | Key Account Manager Banks | Omikron Systemhaus


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